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Minor Degree Program Requirements

The minor in cognitive science is available to master's (M.A. and M.S.) and doctoral students. Students minoring in Cognitive Science at the MA or PhD level must take at least one broad introduction to the field, for example CGSC 8000 (Philosophy of Cognitive Science), or CGSC 8041 Cognitive Neuroscience, or see the Director of Graduate Studies for more course options.

CGSC 8000 Philosophy of Cognitive Science

CGSC 8000 is offered in conjunction with PHIL 8640 Philosophy of Cognitive Science during Spring Semester in even years. Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of the mind. In this course, we will explore fundamental issues in cognitive science. For example, what is cognitive science, and what is its history? What is the mind? How is the mind related to the brain? How do the mind and brain represent and process information? How is language related to thought? How do emotion and subjectivity fit into the science of cognition? How do the sciences, e.g. genetics and neuroscience, challenge free will and our sense of self? Is the scientific study of consciousness possible?
(or approved substitution)

CGSC 8041 Cognitive Neuroscience

(A-F or Aud, Offered Spring Semester, odd years)
Relations between brain activity and cognitive function in mammals. Working memory, attention, decision processing, executive function, categorization, planning, sequence processing. Behavioral/physiological perspectives. Disruption of cognitive function following brain damage. Extracellular recording of single neuron activity in nonhuman primates. Functional neuroimaging and magnetoencephalography in humans.

Graduate credits

The master's minor requires a minimum of 8 graduate credits (including the required course listed above) and 5 credits of additional relevant elective courses. The doctoral minor requires a minimum of 14 graduate credits (including the required course listed above) and 11 credits of additional relevant elective courses. Courses must be taught by faculty in the minor program or be approved in advance by the director of graduate studies for cognitive science. Courses in the student's major department do not count toward the minor.

Updated April 29, 2016